Some of my absolute fav picks for fall are on sale for the next three days and trust me when I say these items WILL SELL OUT!! SO you have to be a quick shopping decision maker and just do it. 
Last year I hesitated over a pair of boots for 30 minutes and when I went back to buy them and they were gone! So here are some of my favs below but make sure to take a look around the site you will definitely find some favorites of your own!


Hunter Boots, Dresses, and Scarves OH MY

sunglasses (less expensive dupes HERE and HERE) | gold link bracelet |  X ring |

Well Hurricane Matthew came and went - thankfully! We honestly didn't think we would get much of the storm here in Raleigh but he left a lot of flooding behind! So many roads were closed off because of flooding on Sunday night but I am glad most everyone I know is safe and their homes made it through ok. 

I have been living in my rain boots the last few days and I am thinking I need them in every color. They are my fav boots of the season and when I tell you that they get you through puddles I MEAN - YOU CAN WALK IN HIGH WATER AND YOU WILL NEVER FEEL IT IN YOUR BOOTS. If you are looking for rain boots that are the real deal -- you have to have these.

For a long time I never bought hunter boots because I always got cheaper brand rain boots -- but let me tell you I now consider them the best fall season purchase I've ever made. EVER.

Especially on snowy days.

I linked a whole bunch of my fav colors below.


The Most Comfy Denim Ever: Articles Of Society

Perfect Pumpkin

Fall Trend || Blanket Scarf BACK IN STOCK

Blanket scarves are about to be SOLD OUT! I literally jumped up and down when I walked outside and felt the FALL AIR! It might be a tad to warm in Raleigh for a scarf but I don't care. I just unpacked all my blanket scarves from the closet cause I am READY! 

One thing is for sure all the best blanket scarves sell out super fast so I linked the ones that are currently back in stock below. I promise owning a blanket scarf is super addictive. Once you have one -- you want them all and in every color. 
I spent this morning sipping coffee and cuddled up in my fav blue scarf. It could be because I am a Florida born beach girl but when that cold air starts coming in I get so excited!

After I made this post I found pretty much all of them for $14.99 HERE!!! SAY WHATTT!!

I also linked a bunch more below
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