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Thursday, April 30, 2015

My First Romper

 romper c/o Vestique <sold out> similar styles HERE  & my new fav HERE >> | head scarf/ headband <sold out> available on ebay HERE > also similar HERE  | sandals | beach bag & I love THIS one | beach hat <ONLY $14> | sunglasses | long gold bar necklace <sold out> Similar HERE | short necklace & gold cuff - c/o Ona Chan Jewelry
 <not yet available - new collection but you MUST check out her stuff!>

They say every girl should own a romper or a jumpsuit and up until now I have only really tried the jumpsuit look <and that was a recent discovery>. So, the romper and I really haven't had a relationship at all. As a result <YES> you are seeing me wear my very first romper! I think it's growing on me considering I came from a world of romper hate LITERALLY.

This is why I love fashion blogging. It just brings you out of your comfort zone into trying new styles and expanding your wardrobe into places you never thought you'd go.

I've discovered the romper is also great for when you are short on time and need to just get up and go but still want to be cute and comfy. On my birthday weekend at the beach, my romper style made getting out the door fast so much easier. I am still thinking I might buy another one and try to rock it with some heels .... well see.

What are your thoughts on the romper? Have you always loved it?

Other rompers I am loving right now:
Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beach Birthday

shirt dress H&M <sold out> similar HERE and HERE  & A floral one I am loving HERE & oh! 
this cool one HERE | bathing suit |  
neon sandals <they come in a bunch of colors & ARE ONLY $2.50!!!> | beach bag & I love THIS one | beach hat <ONLY $14> | sunglasses | long gold bar necklace <sold out> Similar HERE | short necklace & gold cuff - c/o Ona Chan Jewelry
 <not yet available - new collection but you MUST check out her stuff!>

Happy Birthday to me! <well belated, that is>
I celebrated my birthday on the 24th in Myrtle Beach, NC and lets just say day 1 was a little rough. It was rainy and cold > plus we stayed in what turned out to be a very sketchy hotel. You know how the hotels always look amazing on Travelocity in photos and then you get there and you're like "um, why doesn't this look like the picture?" Yea. Story. Of. My. Life.

So, we ended up switching hotels thanks to the app Hotel Tonight and got a great ocean front hotel suite for $99 bucks! Lucky break considering it was a last minute - same day change.
 Day 2 was sunny and I finally got to wear my Old Navy bathing suit that I have been dying to pull out! I get soooo many compliments on this suit and it's currently on SALE! Woot Woot!

 I dressed up my beach day with a long white button down because it was SO cold! Why does it feel like winter here in the springtime?! I can't figure out this Carolina weather to save my life but I am adapting the best I can. This long button down made me feel dressed up and beach ready at the same time but ultimately so comfy & warm! 

What do you think about shirt dresses? 

More shirt dress options I love:
Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Blue Floral Print

top <H&M sold out> similar here & more options below |  Kendra Scott necklace |  spiral ring | ann taylor ring | white pumps | gold cuff | sunglasses | jbrand jeans

This is a quick post because I have caught a terrible cold and I am home sick in bed. Being sick is the absolute worst but I guess thats what comes with spring!  Since I moved to Raleigh everyone has told me the springs bring terrible allergies due to the extreme overflow of pollen. I've been lucky not to have allergies but now I am thinking maybe I do? Who knows? But I hope to feel better soon.

In the meantime, its just me & Netflix living the dream.

Anyway, I searched like a crazy person for this top at H&M but like most things in that store its SOLD OUT and I just bought it less than two weeks ago. Bummer!
I listed a bunch of similar tops below - I'm such a sucker for floral prints these days. 

Here's to hoping I am feeling better before my birthday on Friday!
I'm turning 31 - CANT. BELIEVE. IT. > so old haha! XOXO

Happy shopping,

Monday, April 20, 2015

I Survived Lilly For Target



jumpsuit (Lilly For Target SOLD OUT)  - similar looks linked below | white blazer | white wedges | minkoff bag | sunglasses | gold cuff <sold out> similar here and here | nail polish | ring | ring | earrings -<< BAUBLEBAR ON SALE FOR $15!!!>> | watch

Other jumpsuit looks I love:
If you almost got trampled at Target and you know it = clap your hands!
Clap, clap, clap - what a morning it was at Target in the North Hills of Raleigh. I pulled up at about 8 am and there was a line around the building, but for being late I still left with quite a few items:
jumpsuit, button down, head scarf, and a towel. <NOT BAD>

Disappointingly, I've heard many people left with nothing so let me say that it wasn't easy to acquire them. There was literally bartering going on the whole time. SERIOUSLY. Women with size mediums screaming "I have a medium I will trade for a small!" or  "I have a cart full of items available for trade depending on what you have!"
 It was like China Town, New York in Target - haha!

 (If you've never been to China Town that's where they wheel and deal for knock off designer items in the underground world of fake sales.)

Anyway, I wish there were enough items to go around for everyone but hopefully some of you got lucky! Otherwise there is always now the black market of EBAY loaded with Lilly For Target at double the price. I did link to the jumpsuits in case any of you still want it despite the price increase.

Happy shopping & happy Monday!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Raspberry Rockstar

top c/o greenish shop | Kendra Scott necklace | jeans | MK bag | shoes <old > similar here & here | bracelet  c/o | leather cuff <boston proper SOLD OUT> - similar here | watch | spiral ring | ann taylor ring


Don't get me started on my love for ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that sparkles! Sequin accented tops are a great way to really take a simple piece and elevate it to the next level.
Don’t let the sun steal your shine this summer – sequins are hot in 2014, and there’s a whole heap of ways to wear them. - See more at:
Don’t let the sun steal your shine this summer – sequins are hot in 2014, and there’s a whole heap of ways to wear them. - See more at:
What I love most about them is that they can make an otherwise comfy - "undressy" - day
 turn a little more sophisticated.

This post is sponsored by The Greenish Shop and they have so many cute tops including this fully sequined sparkle shirt that I adore. Living in Raleigh, I find that dressing up can come in so many different looks. When I go out on a Friday night, I often see people at the bars or restaurants in simple looks like jeans and a t-shirt. <there is absolutely nothing wrong with that but sometimes I feel overdressed.>
 So this is way to be casual and still feel a little dressed up.
Sequins are so hot in 2015 and there’s a whole bunch of ways to rock them in your wardrobe and make it work for you: Meaning DRESS IT UP or DRESS IT DOWN. 

Happy shopping, xoxo
Monday, April 13, 2015


Necklace c/o Her Wearables | cobalt kimono <H&M sold out> Other options listed in photos below || white jean | white t | white pumps | gold cuff | sunglasses
bracelet: loren hope c/o RocksBox > | Michael Kors Watch | Pumps |  Python Clutch <OLD> similar here & here

> USE MY CODE: ALEXBUTLERTVHOSTXOXO for a free month of RocksBox!!

HER is for every woman and the journey there on.
I love everything this company is about and I LOVE the jewelry. This post is sponsored by Her Wearables and its so nice to finally find a great piece of jewelry that is REAL and not something EVERYONE else is going to have. The necklace I am wearing in this post is from Her Stone Collection > called The Meesh > & made of gorgeous quartz on a gold chain.

Unique stand out pieces is are tough to find these days but Her-Wearables really hits the mark.
The whole collection is made by a retired veteran and her website says it all:

Her is for real women. For women who are strong. For women who are independent.

For women who have seen some sh*t. Who have seen the world in all its beauty.

But have also been through hell and back.

Her is for every woman - And the journey they’re on.

Make sure to check out her site - there are tons of different collections and looks.

Happy Shopping,