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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Beach Birthday

shirt dress H&M <sold out> similar HERE and HERE  & A floral one I am loving HERE & oh! 
this cool one HERE | bathing suit |  
neon sandals <they come in a bunch of colors & ARE ONLY $2.50!!!> | beach bag & I love THIS one | beach hat <ONLY $14> | sunglasses | long gold bar necklace <sold out> Similar HERE | short necklace & gold cuff - c/o Ona Chan Jewelry
 <not yet available - new collection but you MUST check out her stuff!>

Happy Birthday to me! <well belated, that is>
I celebrated my birthday on the 24th in Myrtle Beach, NC and lets just say day 1 was a little rough. It was rainy and cold > plus we stayed in what turned out to be a very sketchy hotel. You know how the hotels always look amazing on Travelocity in photos and then you get there and you're like "um, why doesn't this look like the picture?" Yea. Story. Of. My. Life.

So, we ended up switching hotels thanks to the app Hotel Tonight and got a great ocean front hotel suite for $99 bucks! Lucky break considering it was a last minute - same day change.
 Day 2 was sunny and I finally got to wear my Old Navy bathing suit that I have been dying to pull out! I get soooo many compliments on this suit and it's currently on SALE! Woot Woot!

 I dressed up my beach day with a long white button down because it was SO cold! Why does it feel like winter here in the springtime?! I can't figure out this Carolina weather to save my life but I am adapting the best I can. This long button down made me feel dressed up and beach ready at the same time but ultimately so comfy & warm! 

What do you think about shirt dresses? 

More shirt dress options I love:


  1. You're workin it in that bathing suit love! So cute!

    xo, Nina

  2. Nice Inspirations

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