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Wednesday, January 7, 2015


Michael Kors Quilted Satchel -- This Michael Kors bag is on SALE NOW at Macy's!
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As if you aren't already obsessed with instagram...here is another reason to get OBSESSED.
As an avid lover of Michael Kors this new insta-addition is rocking my socks.

#INSTAKORS - the new way to jet, set, shop!
Yup, Mr. Kors decided he wants you to be able to buy what you see in a fast click.

Literally a shoppable instagram.
So here is how it works: First sign up on michaelkors.com, with an email address and your Instagram handle. Then you can shop their Instagram. In order to make purchases you have to double click an Instagram pic with the #InstaKors hashtag and then BOOM!--an email will be sent to you with the direct shopping link featured in the photo. Oh! Happy Day!

 Step 1: Like it. 
 Step 2: Shop it. 
 Step 3: Own it. 

You can also register now at this link: 

Bangle // Link Bracelet //Watch / The Looped Nail Bracelet // 
Valonda's dress below is available HERE

I love Cache! For the record. LOVE. My dress is SO NEW that it's not online yet but you should be able to get it in you're local Cache store and it should be up online in the coming weeks I will post to my instagram when its available online.

UPDATE*** the dress is NOW available online!!

Happy Shopping.

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