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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


BUT REALLY THO??! Where is spring?? I am just waiting patiently while my wedges cry in the 
corner. LOL --Nate and I decided to venture out for a little bit to enjoy the beauty that is SNOW... however it was truly a storm so we didn't last in it long. I wore my "Palm Springs" sweatshirt as a sign of my frustration and dreams of hoping my umbrella takes flight and then drops me off on a beach. Wishful thinking - But um yah - I am keeping the spring dreams alive.

 In other news >> Let's talk fashion shall we:
My sweater in all its spring glory is $25 on SALE... woot woot //

  My Denim is HERE- straight up changed my life.. the fit is like every girls dream -- I am so freaking impressed with their new denim line. #GIMMETHATSTRETCH
(more denim without rips HERE) //

And finally my Hunter boots which are my spring/fall/winter/summer/rainyday/snowday everyday of my life essentials are on SALE -- I found them for $50 off!!

About that gorge umbrella: Blush is THE COLOR of spring right now so if you are looking for a mega cute umbrella like mine you can grab it from this uber fab company called Certain Standard! The handle is cork! Truly its the most gorgeous umbrella I have ever owned. I love them because they are a brand for people "who give a damn about the things they carry and the impact they have on this world we all share." That’s why they donate a percentage of every purchase to organizations helping make our world a better, brighter place. Shop their cute umbrellas HERE.

Everything I am wearing is linked below:

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are and just know that if you are laying by a beach my jealousy is NEXT LEVEL.

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