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Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2 Unique Gifts for the Whiskey/Bourbon Drinker

UPDATE: For some reason the links on this post may not be working. If that is the case please find me on instagram @alexbutlertv and I will be happy to send you the direct links.

Yes - I realize its the second week of 2020!
But basically I'm like Target: they had the hearts decor out the day after Christmas. LOL

Valentine's Day is a month ish away and so if you need an early start. Here you go!
I got these two gifts for Nate over the holidays and he is majorly obsessed. I couldn't share earlier cause I didn't want him to know he was getting them for Christmas.

He loves bourbon and whiskey and always orders an old fashioned when we go out to eat. But one day he had a smoked old fashioned at Bonefish Grill and he was like "BABE, I wish I could make this at home with clear ice cubes and how do they get the smoke in there!?!?" 

AND I was like straight to google. haha.

Found the two items you need to make it happen and the rest is history.

So first: The clear ice cubes maker!!
<The round ones are sold out but they still have them in square.>

It makes 2 at a time and crystal freakkkkkking clear. NO FILTER BELOW.

PS. Turns out they use the same one at Bonefish Grill. All you need it batteries it even comes with the wood chips! Here is nate's first attempt as using it.

Video of Nate releasing the smoke below:

SO boom you're done. Add the whiskey or bourbon and bada bing bada boom
happy drinks,
XO Alex