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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Black & Bling

Dress: Cache --on sale! // Shoes: Boston Proper// Watch: Michael Kors //
 Bracelet: Kate Spade on sale!

Less than 24 hours before my Thanksgiving vacay starts. Eek! I'm so excited and so in need of the break. I got a little shoe happy and HAD to HAVE these unstoppable shoes up above... trust me you want them and they are on SALE!

I also got a little scarf happy this holiday season because I genuinely CAN'T stop buying scarves.
I got these two gorge babies at H&M but as luck would have it they arent available online. Not to worry you might still be able to find them in store >>I just got them a week ago.

What fab scarves are you loving this season??
Send me the link! I probably don't NEED more...but I WANT more.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Busy Busy Bee

What a week!
This has been the most event jam-packed week I've had since I moved to Raleigh 4 months ago. I truly haven't had a chance to really go out and meet people with all the moving and settling in.

Luckily, I stumbled upon TriFABB when searching for blogs and boom <as luck would have it> they were having a meet up! The meet up was at the world's cutest kids store 'Progeny'. You must check it out.

<I don't have any kids but this store genuinely made me
 want to have babies and give birth tomorrow>
They have so much cute stuff for babies, toddlers, etc -- and these are some of my faves.

Molly from Still Being Molly started Tri FABB and put the meet up together with Kate from The Small Things Blog. They are two of the absolute kindest people I have ever met and really made me feel so welcome. < I genuinely thought bloggers sort of all had their own little "cliques" -- so much so -- that I was nervous about going but THAT WAS NOT THE CASE AT ALL...I couldn't have been more happy that I went.> 

I also met lots of fab & super sweet fashion bloggers: 
Including >> Tracy & Alyssa of Glitter + Ruffles.

I also met Angela from Head To Toe Chic and Rachel of Rebecca Lately
<such sweeties with great style>

Lots of bloggers were there and it was so nice to finally make some fab new friends.

Oh, and I made friends with these cupcakes that I couldn't stop eating from a local spot called Embellish Bakery. Literally so good I had to take some home to Nate.

Just a blast a fun.

>>Fast Forward>> to Saturday...
I had a three part day.

It began at The Raleigh Parade:
<I'm eating a yummy BLT I had to grab before the parade started> LOL - girls gotta eat.


Thats me 2 in from the left with the Crew and our #BrakeforBuses Campaign Bus!

Then later Saturday night I was off to the Final Fire Competition Dining Series
 which was DELICIOUS. One of the fab perks of being a TV host = you get invited to fun events and sometimes you even get to be the judge!
Nothing but amazing food made by two of the top chefs in the state. They beat out 69 other chefs to be the final 2 - the meals were off the charts. <mouthwatering good>
The winner was: Chef John Fortes of Mimosa Grill!!

And then my co host and I had to leave the dining competition to head over to >>
Marcus Anderson's Birthday Bash.

He is an amazing saxophonist who has often performed with Prince. What a talent!

It was a truly amazing week and I finally feel like I'm settling into Raleigh. Meeting people, having fun, making friends, and enjoying this beautiful city. If you were a part of my week... thanks for making it so fun and special.

Oh and to top it off I found a fab new scarf at H&M --
I couldn't find it online <as usual with H&M its a one hit wonder> but there is a sorta similar one here.

AND>> I did my first giveaway!!
Congrats Sara McNamara Westgate!! She won the TOM'S FOR TARGET Tote Bag!!!

What were you up to this weekend? Any favorite spots you think I should check out in Raleigh?
XO, Happy Sunday!
Friday, November 21, 2014

Boston Proper Showstoppers & A Major Sale

    Someone please hold me back from these showstoppers. 
I walked into Boston Proper and couldn't walk out without them.
Done and done.

I can't even handle the hot fashion fire that is happening in this photo. 
The best part  = THEY ARE ON SALE starting Sunday. 

Insert fashion-gasm <here>.

Yup, thank the fashion lords because Boston Proper is having their biggest sale of the year 
this weekend! I put those heels on and literally could not take them off.         
Keep these links because most of the items listed will drop in price on Sunday!!!
Visit Boston Proper 11/24 - 12/21 and get
 $20 off your purchase of $100 

Use Code: 16812
(use that code online starting 11/24)
<this includes SALE items>

Statement Crystal Necklace > Not avail on the website yet. New Collection// But similar here

And if you can handle it there's a matching bag to the shoes. EEK!
Allover Jeweled Clutch 

Trust me you want to own these.
 Happy Shopping!!
XO, Alex
Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lady In Red

Red. Red. Red. Dying with happiness over this red.
The holiday season always feels like the best time to break out some great red pieces.

Cache really took care of keeping me in the red hot holiday spirit with this top I wore on the show today. Sometimes, I feel weird about wearing tops that come up high because  --  well dare I say it -- I have boobs that just often don't fit right into high neck tops.

<Those of you who have big boobs would agree I'm sure = its a gift and a curse> 

BUT ALAS... Cache had my back on this one or should I say, my front? lol
Plus the red color is so vibrant and looks amazing with a red lip to match. 

Graci Cache, Graci.

<after show photo>

Skinny pants below were a little big on me -- so excuse the length but otherwise
 <after a good hemming> these pants would be fab. 

<the black crystal embellishments on both shoulders are so pretty>

Check the pant booty...
 I LOVE a great studded crystal pant & the fit is stretch -super comfy!

                                                <but first, let me take a bathroom selfie>

Top: Cache avail in stores<but not available on the site yet -- Similar HERE>> // Black Studded Skinny Jeans: Cache
Oval Chandelier Earrings: Boston Proper // Watch: Michael Kors Runway // shoes: Steve Madden Marlenee <on sale!>
Nails: OPI Roadhouse Blues.> gel.

Lipstick: NYX Eden

It got as low as 20 degrees today or at least it felt like it here in Raleigh.
All I wanted to do was curl up in my bed, cuddle, and nap <with hot chocolate>. How about you? Do you love the freezing cold? I'm sort of excited for it because -- being a Florida girl-- I don't often get to experience REAL WINTERS. I might see snow this year and I am pretty stoked about it!

In preperation for tomorrows freezing temps I laid out my clothes because I feel like I never know what to wear in cold weather ha!!>> "Todo, I don't think were in Florida anymore..."

Coat ✓ Gloves  Ear muffs ✓ Boots 

Stay Warm!

OH and don't forget my Giveaway for the
TOMS FOR TARGET TOTE BAG is still open for entries until FRIDAY!!>> ENTER HERE.

<silly photo happiness>

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Toms for Target & A TOMS Tote Giveaway!

Ahhhh! First I love Target. Second, I love Toms.
 -- So together >>
 this can only mean super - cali - fragilistic shopping Mary Poppins magic. 

I have been waiting for today since the TOMS for Target collab was announced back in September.

 <<Yes -- I woke up at 7:45 am to get to Target before the whole line SOLD out and I did have to go to two different targets to get what I wanted!>>

The best part = it's all for a great cause. Help support those in need this holiday season! The Target+TOMS collection is amazing AND with each item purchased, Target is donating shoes, meals or a blanket to those in need and in partnership with TOMS and North American based charities.>>> #love #love #love - did I say LOVE? Ya, love this.

Here's my HAUL:
TOMS Acrylic fringe throw Cream 50"x60"Sweater<i got the kids size Medium and it fit perf>

 Bad news: Most are SOLD OUT -- <Sort of> Good news: Most are being sold on EBAY.

Shopping and helping others at the same time = my kind of happy day.

The Cozy TOMS throw I couldn't get enough of. 
Literally I am still wearing right now. So comfy. Trust me = you want one.

Did I say "I" -- I meant "WE" - Nate was loving his new TOMS throw blanket.



So go buy some TOMS stuff online at Target...
>>> that is ... if you haven't already.
Help others and get a little something sweet for yourself too.





Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I suppose this new blazer that The Limited dressed me in is really turquoise, but I'm calling it a shade of blue. I mean it its a shade of blue right? ha. Either way...I was LOVING THIS COLOR TODAY.

  Jacket: The Limited // Pants: The Limited// Necklace: The Limited // Shoes: Steve Madden Marlenee Pump--On sale!

Francesca's has been dressing me on the show and they have some SUPER cute & adorable dresses. 
The tough part about Francesca's is when you find a cute dress in their stores -- odds are -- there's only one of it in every size. <Small, Medium, Large>

The positive: Odds are you won't see anyone else in your dress.
The Negative: Hopefully it's your size that's available.

What you need to know first: Francesca's is having a Boot Sale Baby!

This one is sold out. But similar HERE, and HERE and HERE. 
Bracelets: Forever 21 sold out - similar here and here //Pink Suede Jessica Simpson heels - sold out - similar here, and here, and here

Dress: Cache <Comes in Regular as well> // Shoes: Steve Madden --Sold out -- Similar here and here

xo, Alex

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Orange You Glad To See Me Red

Orangey-Reds are just everywhere.
Every store I visit this season has an orange or a red> or an orangey red something.
Is Orangey even a word? Forgive me - if its not - but I needed it to be a word today.

Here are the latest orangey's or red's I've worn on the show lately.

First -
I died with happiness when BP <Boston Proper> gave birth to this sweater and gave me their baby.

 It looks orangey red in the photo below but its more of a true red like above

Sequin cowl-neck sweater HERE // Antique Chandelier Earrings: HERE 

Cache -- Dress HERE //

Boston Proper Dress > the "Orangey Red" below is more true to color.
BP Slim and Shape Turtleneck Dress: HERE // Cut Stone Necklace: HERE //
Steve Madden Shoes: SOLD OUT similar HERE

P.S. It's Family & Friends time at Boston Proper

USE CODE : 19924 

Use promo code: G873103
Happy Tuesday,

<My Co - Host and I today on the show >