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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Lady In Red

Red. Red. Red. Dying with happiness over this red.
The holiday season always feels like the best time to break out some great red pieces.

Cache really took care of keeping me in the red hot holiday spirit with this top I wore on the show today. Sometimes, I feel weird about wearing tops that come up high because  --  well dare I say it -- I have boobs that just often don't fit right into high neck tops.

<Those of you who have big boobs would agree I'm sure = its a gift and a curse> 

BUT ALAS... Cache had my back on this one or should I say, my front? lol
Plus the red color is so vibrant and looks amazing with a red lip to match. 

Graci Cache, Graci.

<after show photo>

Skinny pants below were a little big on me -- so excuse the length but otherwise
 <after a good hemming> these pants would be fab. 

<the black crystal embellishments on both shoulders are so pretty>

Check the pant booty...
 I LOVE a great studded crystal pant & the fit is stretch -super comfy!

                                                <but first, let me take a bathroom selfie>

Top: Cache avail in stores<but not available on the site yet -- Similar HERE>> // Black Studded Skinny Jeans: Cache
Oval Chandelier Earrings: Boston Proper // Watch: Michael Kors Runway // shoes: Steve Madden Marlenee <on sale!>
Nails: OPI Roadhouse Blues.> gel.

Lipstick: NYX Eden

It got as low as 20 degrees today or at least it felt like it here in Raleigh.
All I wanted to do was curl up in my bed, cuddle, and nap <with hot chocolate>. How about you? Do you love the freezing cold? I'm sort of excited for it because -- being a Florida girl-- I don't often get to experience REAL WINTERS. I might see snow this year and I am pretty stoked about it!

In preperation for tomorrows freezing temps I laid out my clothes because I feel like I never know what to wear in cold weather ha!!>> "Todo, I don't think were in Florida anymore..."

Coat ✓ Gloves  Ear muffs ✓ Boots 

Stay Warm!

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<silly photo happiness>

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