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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Busy Busy Bee

What a week!
This has been the most event jam-packed week I've had since I moved to Raleigh 4 months ago. I truly haven't had a chance to really go out and meet people with all the moving and settling in.

Luckily, I stumbled upon TriFABB when searching for blogs and boom <as luck would have it> they were having a meet up! The meet up was at the world's cutest kids store 'Progeny'. You must check it out.

<I don't have any kids but this store genuinely made me
 want to have babies and give birth tomorrow>
They have so much cute stuff for babies, toddlers, etc -- and these are some of my faves.

Molly from Still Being Molly started Tri FABB and put the meet up together with Kate from The Small Things Blog. They are two of the absolute kindest people I have ever met and really made me feel so welcome. < I genuinely thought bloggers sort of all had their own little "cliques" -- so much so -- that I was nervous about going but THAT WAS NOT THE CASE AT ALL...I couldn't have been more happy that I went.> 

I also met lots of fab & super sweet fashion bloggers: 
Including >> Tracy & Alyssa of Glitter + Ruffles.

I also met Angela from Head To Toe Chic and Rachel of Rebecca Lately
<such sweeties with great style>

Lots of bloggers were there and it was so nice to finally make some fab new friends.

Oh, and I made friends with these cupcakes that I couldn't stop eating from a local spot called Embellish Bakery. Literally so good I had to take some home to Nate.

Just a blast a fun.

>>Fast Forward>> to Saturday...
I had a three part day.

It began at The Raleigh Parade:
<I'm eating a yummy BLT I had to grab before the parade started> LOL - girls gotta eat.


Thats me 2 in from the left with the Crew and our #BrakeforBuses Campaign Bus!

Then later Saturday night I was off to the Final Fire Competition Dining Series
 which was DELICIOUS. One of the fab perks of being a TV host = you get invited to fun events and sometimes you even get to be the judge!
Nothing but amazing food made by two of the top chefs in the state. They beat out 69 other chefs to be the final 2 - the meals were off the charts. <mouthwatering good>
The winner was: Chef John Fortes of Mimosa Grill!!

And then my co host and I had to leave the dining competition to head over to >>
Marcus Anderson's Birthday Bash.

He is an amazing saxophonist who has often performed with Prince. What a talent!

It was a truly amazing week and I finally feel like I'm settling into Raleigh. Meeting people, having fun, making friends, and enjoying this beautiful city. If you were a part of my week... thanks for making it so fun and special.

Oh and to top it off I found a fab new scarf at H&M --
I couldn't find it online <as usual with H&M its a one hit wonder> but there is a sorta similar one here.

AND>> I did my first giveaway!!
Congrats Sara McNamara Westgate!! She won the TOM'S FOR TARGET Tote Bag!!!

What were you up to this weekend? Any favorite spots you think I should check out in Raleigh?
XO, Happy Sunday!

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