A Little Obsession: August 2014


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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Work Work Work It Out

The only time I've ever really felt like I was losing weight was once upon a time in Florida when I went to OTF...

Otherwise known as Orange Theory Fitness

It's genuinely the best thing that ever happened to my wannabe skinny life. 

As soon as I moved to Raleigh I decided OTF was coming back into my life. My weight is always such a rollercoaster but usually if I cut the bread out, drink only water, and take class daily -- <easier said then done> I see major results fast.

Here's to getting fit again! oh and below is a picture of me at the all new FLYWHEEL in Cameron Village in downtown Raleigh! We checked it out on the show...they offer super fun cycling classes! So far I like it!!!  

Work work work it out baayyyy bayyyy! 
Sunday, August 24, 2014

Night night world. Day 1 in Raleigh

Wow. Hi. My name is Alex.... and I'm a blogger. now. i suppose.

I moved to Raleigh to be the co host of My Carolina Today on NBC. 
Started this blog at 1am. ha. 

Up all night trying to set up the layout. It's been a long time coming.. so I am glad I finally got my blog in motion. Let's just say this was wayyyyy harder to figure out than I thought. Holy codes BATMAN! Anyway.. its coming along.

Any advice out there. Um, ya. I'll take it/i need it.
Sweet dreams. xo