A Little Obsession: July 2018


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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Why We Got Married On Paper

 I felt so much joy when these pictures were taken because technically Nate and I are married!
 -- well, on paper that is. I'll explain: 

So, Nate and I decided to get married on paper a little early .... here's why--

Nate's grandma Louise hasn't been well for some time now. She was diagnosed with cancer and it has spread to her bones. I hate that word - Cancer. I honestly don't even like saying it or seeing the word. It takes so much from people. We are hopeful it won't take Louise from us anytime soon. The earliest memories I have when meeting Nate are being welcomed in to his life by his grandparents. They treated me like I was family when I had only known them for 20 minutes. To describe Louise... just imagine the most charming sweet, loving, woman - with the warmest hugs and she is always ready to feed you.  <3 And Bill is the most active 87 year old man you have ever met! He is always fixing, building, making, doing something when we see him! Both have hearts of pure gold!
So, I can't imagine us getting married without them being involved. 
We put off our wedding for awhile, because we moved twice in the last year and life has just been crazy! But, a few months ago we discovered there is a law in PA that says you can be married by any two witnesses. It's called "Quaker Law" -- Brilliant! I want to kiss the creator of this law. It means you don't need an officiant or a formal wedding event. We knew our two witnesses would be Bill and Louise! At this point we had not yet picked our wedding date, but the risk of not having Louise there due to her illness was not a chance we wanted to take.


So we went to the courthouse, got the paperwork right before the 4th of July, and we drove up to Ohio -- walked into their house and said "Will you marry us?"

They said yes! Thankfully!! :) So, as a result we were married on paper by Bill and Louise on July 1st 2018. It was truly so special! Bill and Louise have been married 65 years!! LIKE WHAT?!?!
Most of the world can only dream to have a love as wonderful and as long.

Two days later --by chance-- we found our venue and they had LITERALLY ONE DATE OPEN
 -- so we booked it!!

Fate, I tell you! 
So our wedding is April 27, 2019 in Ohio and the only thing we hope for is that Bill and Louise are sitting in the front row. <3

All my love and please send lots of prayers,
Monday, July 16, 2018

Maxi Dress Dreams

STOP EVERYTHING. This dress is my fav right now!!
 If you are looking for a gorgeous pop of color that is loose fitting and fab -- AND ONLY $24 this is a must buy now! As soon as I saw this beauty in the store I was like HAVE TO HAVE IT.  It is even better in person than it looks online. I will say for us short girls a good wedge is needed because it does run long. Worst case scenario you hem it cause it is totes worth every single penny.

Click the images below//
To shop my look:

In other news and wedding life news -- Nate and I finally picked a new venue for our wedding, I will share more details in another blog post soon. I am thrilled we were able to find a spot we both LOVED and WE LITERALLY officially booked our photographer 5 minutes ago! No one told me wedding planning would be so stressful but things are starting to smooth out and slow down now. I just have to work on the videographer next.

Wish me luck and feel free to drop me some advice!

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: My Faves

Let's be honest we all wish we could drop DOLLA DOLLA billzzzz on this Nordstrom sale but last time I checked my bank account didn't look like I play football for New England Patriots... so that being said,  lets be choosy girls - shall we! ALSO, I am planning a wedding and someone just LEGIT sent me an email quoting me $10, 000 to video tape my wedding haha <I just passed out> 
 So needless to say were all on a budget!

Here are my faves above w/ a few splurges but mostly items you will wear OVER and OVER this fall. The best thing to do with this sale is buy staple pieces and not get crazy! One year I got crazy and realized it was a HUGE mistake because I didn't wear all the items as much as I thought I would! It is so easy to see influencers rocking SO many outfits and THINK that you NEED all of it-- but you don't. So BE CHOOSY-- these are my MUST HAVES.

UPDATE// I tried on the  Pullover  it is cozy-but not flattering if you have boobs..its pretty bulky on.

Happy shopping dolls.