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Monday, July 16, 2018

Maxi Dress Dreams

STOP EVERYTHING. This dress is my fav right now!!
 If you are looking for a gorgeous pop of color that is loose fitting and fab -- AND ONLY $24 this is a must buy now! As soon as I saw this beauty in the store I was like HAVE TO HAVE IT.  It is even better in person than it looks online. I will say for us short girls a good wedge is needed because it does run long. Worst case scenario you hem it cause it is totes worth every single penny.

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To shop my look:

In other news and wedding life news -- Nate and I finally picked a new venue for our wedding, I will share more details in another blog post soon. I am thrilled we were able to find a spot we both LOVED and WE LITERALLY officially booked our photographer 5 minutes ago! No one told me wedding planning would be so stressful but things are starting to smooth out and slow down now. I just have to work on the videographer next.

Wish me luck and feel free to drop me some advice!

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