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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2018: My Faves

Let's be honest we all wish we could drop DOLLA DOLLA billzzzz on this Nordstrom sale but last time I checked my bank account didn't look like I play football for New England Patriots... so that being said,  lets be choosy girls - shall we! ALSO, I am planning a wedding and someone just LEGIT sent me an email quoting me $10, 000 to video tape my wedding haha <I just passed out> 
 So needless to say were all on a budget!

Here are my faves above w/ a few splurges but mostly items you will wear OVER and OVER this fall. The best thing to do with this sale is buy staple pieces and not get crazy! One year I got crazy and realized it was a HUGE mistake because I didn't wear all the items as much as I thought I would! It is so easy to see influencers rocking SO many outfits and THINK that you NEED all of it-- but you don't. So BE CHOOSY-- these are my MUST HAVES.

UPDATE// I tried on the  Pullover  it is cozy-but not flattering if you have boobs..its pretty bulky on.

Happy shopping dolls.


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