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Hi, friends! I'm Alex! 
Welcome to my blog!

I started this blog because I used to host a show in Raleigh called My Carolina Talk on CBS and  viewers often wrote to me asking:

 "Alex, what are you wearing? Where is that necklace from? Or where is that dress from?"

 So I decided the best way to communicate about fashion was to start a blog. Turns out you can also make some really amazing friends and learn a lot about yourself. I now look in my closet and feel like I actually have things to wear because of all the great ideas I get from fashion blogging.

I have lived in a ton of places because I always have had to move for work:
 Miami, FL > Gainesville, FL >Los Angeles, CA > Lubbock, TX > Fort Myers/Naples, FL >
 (Atlanta, GA for 3 months...)  Raleigh, North Carolina... Philadelphia, PA 
and now Cherry Hill, NJ...

A little about me...

I love meeting new people and trying new things. Most weekends you'll find me cuddled up next to this gorgeous hunk I get to call my fiance - and probably watching Netflix. 
Were getting married on April 27th 2019!!!

Nate and I have been together since September 2012 and he literally lights up my life.
We met when I was reporter for FOX in Florida.
 I interviewed him on my show <3


I am the happiest I have EVER been and the older I get
the more I realize how much that is ALL that really matters. 
 I believe in following your dreams. Never settling. 
& happily ever afters. 

Fashion is my fave hobby, so let's shop together!
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  1. ...miss your big smile on TV...I'm 65 so not a millennial like you but retired from State 3 yrs. ago and a staff of 13 students were wonderful to work with--we were like family. Since I retired I watched Carolina Talk/Today and enjoyed you and Valonda every day...keep up that big grin and if, as I used to tell my kids at State..."If you can dream it, you can achieve it!" Many of them worked for me for the years they were at State and the majority of them were employed right after college...once I was asked by one of them "Marcia, is there anything you haven't done?" My response, "Dig ditches but if I need to I got some hole diggers!" I'm retired from the Air Force as well but I always enjoyed my jobs, no matter where they took me...I always kept smiling--like you!

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to write me this note! I miss being on the show and sharing good positive fun energy with North Carolina! I am so thankful you enjoyed it and thank you for reaching out!! <3