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Tuesday, October 29, 2019


dressshoes/ mine is old Kate spade but I linked a similar>> bag

I honestly was never much of a velvet girl - I think its because I grew up in Florida. We didn't really have a need for long sleeves and velvet when we had "fake winters" (aka fake icicles on palm trees LOL). So, now that I live in a colder climate its totally growing on me and I can't stop buying velvet! I wore this dress to a wedding over the weekend and got a ton of compliments on it. (FYI: if you are short or petite like me -- you will need a hem on it) It sold out at Nordstrom but I did find it at one other store. HERE. 

 Since the velvet dress was so popular I decided to link a bunch that I am loving right now they are listed below from highest priced to lowest. How do you feel about velvet?

Wednesday, October 16, 2019



Let’s begin with the resort that quite frankly was even better than what we imagined!! Photos don’t do it justice! You have to see this beauty with your own eyes!! Ladera is a resort high at the top of a mountain facing the Pitons. What makes this resort the most unique is that you have a room with only three walls - the fourth wall is open and the views are breathtaking. 

We stayed in the Paradise Ridge Suites- Room 6. On one side you have the insane painting like view of the Pitons and then from your balcony on the other side you will see a gorgeous green lush setting filled with mountains and palm trees.

PRO TIP:  (if you have one of the heated pools) — When you arrive your private pool might be warm or cold and you can ask them to set it at whatever you prefer.

THE BONUS: Every room comes with a private pool and almost all of them have a swing above the pool. YES, I SAID A PRIVATE POOL AND A SWING. When Nate and I first arrived we were speechless. Below you will see our room and the view. 


Every room comes with a private phone that leads to either your private butler or the concierge front desk. This “Butler” perk that came with Paradise Ridge suites was INCREDIBLE!!!!!! If we needed a ride from our room to dinner at the front of the property you just call and schedule it. If you need anything in your room you can call your butler to restock and you can even have them arrange your dinner reservations!!! TRULY AMAZING and the best part they are SO SWEET and nice!!! 

This way if you need a ride or reservation you always have a contact at the resort and they will send a car to get you wherever you are. It’s your lifeline on the trip. 


Inside of your fridge you will find:
Piton Beer 
(locally made beer its delish) & Sodas (replenished daily)
3 Local Rums —
 My favorite is the Peanut Rum (If you like Peanut butter you will love LOVE LOVE IT.)
BONUS: Every time housekeeping comes they restock the fridge and leave a dessert treat. 

Oh and you MUST stop at the gym and get in a workout!! 
THE VIEW from the treadmill is insane!!


 We booked all of our tours through the resort. 
<AND there are way more options than just what we did below.>


The first shuttle leaves at 9am picks up around 1pm and the second shuttle leaves at 12pm picks up at 4:45pm. They will give you the exact time just make sure you are there for pickup when its time.
  • The only negative is that the Viceroy Sugar Beach resort charges anyone who is not a guest of their hotel $50 per beach chair to rent them. You can always lay on the beach with your towels though if you would rather not pay for them. They also have a pool for the guests - if you bring white towels you might be able to fool them into thinking you are staying there ;)

This tour takes you through Soufriere and makes stops at all the most popular attractions.

  • Botanical gardens
  • Waterfalls
  • Volcano (yes, its bubbling)
  • Mud bath / sulphur springs 


The skies were unbelievable!! We even saw a rainbow!
(This tour is ONLY on Tuesdays and Fridays, so make sure to book that one as soon as you arrive).

  • 2 hour trip on a Catamaran boat provided by MYSTIC MAN TOURS. 
  • MYSTIC PUNCH (trust us its delish) or PITON BEER is provided
  • They also provide light snacks
  • PRO TIP: snacks  are very light so bring your own in case you get hungry <3
  • PRO TIP: After the tour — Have dinner at Petit Peak (a local yummy spot thats walking distance from the drop off point of the sunset cruise)
  • OR you could even hop off when they make the Sugar Beach Viceroy stop on the way back and go to the Bayside Restaurant.


This one is more of a stay at a private beach.

Anse Mamin is the beach privately owned by the Jade Mountain and Anse Chasanet resorts. 
It is so neat because it's a black sand beach! 
  • You can rent benches on the far right end of the beach OR you can just lay on your towels.
  • If you book through the resort your trip will also come with paddle boards and snorkels.
  • PRO TIP- the sand can get VERY hot! Keep your sandals on til you get as close as you can to the water.  


Note: All meals at all resorts in St Lucia are about $35 to $45 per entree
Most days we skipped lunch because we were out and about in the middle of the tour and breakfast filled us up.


So breakfast is included with your stay at Ladera and let me tell you it is TOO LEGIT! AND you can go for a swim after like I did below:

What we ordered: French toast, Banana pancakes, scrambled eggs bacon and toast.
Every time you arrive at breakfast you are offered pastries. My fav was the mini chocolate croissants. You also get fresh juice and you have to try their cocoa tea!! Honestly breakfast filled us up so much that most days we weren't hungry until dinnertime.

PRO TIP: There is one green couch table outside that has the best views -- if you get to breakfast early enough and no one is sitting there you can ask to sit their for breakfast.
 It's magical!!

WOW! THE FOOD HERE IS SO GOOD and the dinner views will take your breath away!!

For an appetizer ask for FRIED ACCRA!!! It might not be on the menu but sometimes they can still make it. It is LEGIT! 

We ate at the resort for the majority of our stay. I ordered the SHRIMP AND SCALLOPS like literally every night and it was so legit! It came on top of a puff pastry with the most incredible sauce I have ever tasted in my life. Nate got the steak one night and then the market fish on another night. Ask if Chef Nigel is working -- if he is: dinner will be EXTRA GOOD!

PRO TIP: Get to dinner early around 6pm for the best table with the best views of the Pitons. Also spray yourself with bug spray before you go (cause nighttime and outside). And remember they are on island time... so dinner does take a little bit longer to come out depending on how busy it is. Order some drinks and you'll be fine! :)


Before we went to ST LUCIA this was the most highly recommended restaurant to go to. Every single item on the menu is made with a little but of chocolate. 

MUST ORDER: Chocolate Martini and the Lava Cake dessert

Appetizer: Prior to the the appetizer, you are given bread with 3 spreads (a chocolate infused type olive oil, chocolate infused butter, and pesto sauce). DELISH. For our actual appetizer we had the Pulled Pork Piton. It was very good and was a great for sharing.

Main Dishes we ordered (we went twice):

Lightly Spiced Coconut Curry & Cacao Chicken 
Beef Fillet / Ribeye -Aberdeen Angus 48 hour marinated in freshly roasted cacao. 
12-hour Marinated “Bois BandΓ©” Chicken
9 hour lamb shank

Dessert: We shared the Rabot Chocolate Lava Cake. It was incredible!!!! However, the dessert takes about 20-25 minutes. So you could order it while finishing your main dish if you don't want to wait.

Honest Review: We did not love the food at Boucat. We tried dinner here twice and the first night my chicken was overcooked and the second night it was just ehhh nothing special. Could have been that it's the off season so maybe their best chefs were not there? All I know is EVERYONE says this is the place to eat on the island and I wasn't impressed. Still go and give it a try and see if you love it. It's definitely at the least worth going for dessert.

(Restaurant in Soufriere)

Dinner was very reasonably priced here. (Especially compared to the resort pricing).
We dont remember what we ordered (blame it on the mystic punch from our sunset cruise LOL) but I can tell you it was DELISH!!! WE SCARFED IT DOWN!!! 

This is a must stop and a great choice after the sunset cruise drops you off. That way you only have to pay for a taxi ride home from the restaurant. 

(Restaurant at Sugar Beach Viceroy)

When you take the free shuttle to Sugar Beach this is a restaurant available for lunch until 2:30 and then for dinner starting at 6pm. We didn't get a chance to eat here but we heard the food is LEGIT.

(Located at Anse Mamin beach)

After taking a water taxi to Anse Mamin you will see the gorgeous black sand beach. To us it almost feels like a private beach because very few people are there. 
This is a MUST STOP!! 

They will begin taking burger orders at noon. We got the Gourmet Burger it was sooooooo insanelyyyyyy good!!!! 
P.S. There is a bar there as well! And I had a madddd good mojito!



Yes, you have one wall open to your room so of course you will see some bugs --but I can tell you as a girl who will scream if she sees a moth. (LOL)— it really wasn’t bad AT ALL. 
But we came prepared!

 Our advice: BRING DEET OFF BUG SPRAY from the US - THIS is the one we used.
Spray your body every morning and night. 

Keep it on you in a bag to reapply if you’re out walking trails or out late at night.
I walked away with maybe 3 mosquito bites and Nate had 5. For a 7 day trip with one wall open -- I’d say thats pretty good. You will only get bit by mosquitoes when you forget to spray! :)
The rooms also come with a non deet spray and after bite aloe just in case. 
Plus - they have a candle they or you can light by your bed every night that keeps the mosquitoes away. AND your bed as a mosquito net over it so you don't have to worry about bugs while you sleep.



I was actually very worried about this. We had a room with an incredible breeze so it never really got hot. But I think it depends on what time of year you go and what room you are in. I brought THIS FAN from amazon and sat it on the bed in case and only used it the last night we were there. So I would recommend to just buy a mini travel fan and bring it in case. BUT I AM TELLING YOU ITS WORTH IT!

Alright well I really hope this answered your questions. 

What I can tell you overall is:

St Lucia is magical.
The views are insane. Almost to beautiful to be real.
And the people are the kindest and most wonderful you will ever meet.
We were so sad to go and truly can't wait to go back!



Also everything is linked in the Liketoknow it app.
Feel free to message me on instagram if you can't find the link to something. 

Happy travels!

Thursday, August 1, 2019


Please tell me what is better than wine 🍷 delivered to your doorstep!!!?!! πŸ‘ I now have a membership to @winc and I’m LOVING IT!!!! Long story short, you get 4 bottles of wine at your doorstep for UNDER $40. 

So how does it work? Well WINC lets you choose your wine. You take an initial quiz -- and they will recommend 4 bottles that should match your taste. Then you decide if you agree and you can switch out whichever ones you want in your cart. They are each around $13 or more a piece or you can search through the "select" wines too-- which are a little higher end.

Shipping is always free -- it's fun and delicious! It's easy to order and not a pushy commitment -- there are no member fees, you can cancel at any time, you can change your bottles each month, add on bottles, or skip a shipment if you need to.  

Yes please! Send more! Thank me later ;) ⠀

You can see the wines I ordered below: I also shared them on instagram in my stories.
So far I love them!! The man behind Winc - Brian Smith --he is an experienced sommelier and winemaker so I am telling you the wines are DELISH!  

My link gets you $22 off your first order + free shipping! πŸ™ŒπŸ» πŸ˜‰


CHEERS DOLLS❤️PS I’m pretty sure all I need in my life is netflix and 🍷 wine.
Now I have a membership for both and you should too!


Sunday, June 30, 2019


Ok -- I am so super last minute and literally got my USA kimono this morning!! Nate and I went to LBI to spend the day at the beach! It was much needed. The sand and the ocean = my happy place. I think its the best way to reset for the week.

So anyway I figured I am probably not the only one who waits til the last minute to realize I don't have an outfit for the 4th haha --- if you are on the hunt for some last minute tops or bags here ya go!!

All under $25!
<<<The items that aren't on prime -- 
just pick ship to store and you should be able to pick up before the 4th of July!!>>>

American flag kimono (this is the one I'm wearing)
rose in the USA tee <<I'm wearing this one in the pic below>

      Happy almost 4th!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Sprouts In Marlton Is Open!

Last night Nate and I visited the brand new Sprouts Farmers Market in Marlton which is officially open today and everyday from 7am to 10pm! If you’re in the Marlton area YOU HAVE TO STOP BY. I almost legit fell over with the insane savings on fresh and healthy food! Everywhere I turned I was like wait what....?? I pay way more for that at other stores.

Their prepared food section is the bomb -- Nate and I picked up an 8 piece BBQ chicken for dinner last night and it was so delicious! Also the vitamin section they have is huge and really fantastic. They even have sandwiches and to go snack packs that are truly amazing!! I have sampled so much of the food at Sprouts and I can honestly say I am in LOVE WITH THIS STORE. 


Ok the avocados and grapes are delish. 
Also the grapes were 98 cents a pound last night and almost passed out. 
The prices are just too good.
The Avocado oil for cooking is fantastic.
The SPROUTS Organic popcorn --- I can't stop eating it!!! Pretty much all the sprouts brand snack foods are my jam!

They gave us a tour of the whole store and my two fave sections were bulk foods where you can purchase as little as you need or as much as you want, the produce, and vitamin section. If you download the Sprouts app you can keep up with exclusive digital coupons and see what’s on sale each week.

Oh and bonus: they also have a beauty, skincare, and hair section! I was shocked at how much they carried and for my Vital Protein loving girls -- yup they have them!! Their selection is insanely large. Last night I used their facial towelettes and they are great! 
If you’re in the Marlton area or just happen to live by a Sprouts location -- definitely make a stop!! 

You will be shocked at the incredible deals!

Thank you to Sprouts Farmers Market for sponsoring this post series.

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Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Ways To Save At Sprouts

In case you missed my post last week, Sprouts Farmers Market is opening up a new location in Marlton, NJ! I love healthy food but most of the time it's super pricey and sprouts makes healthy living for less WAY EASIER with so many ways to save! They have Double Ad Wednesdays, their Sprouts App, and Deals of the Month. 

So clear your schedule for June 5th at 7:00am!! Thats when the store opens and here is what's happening at the Grand Opening:

  •  The first 200 shoppers in line will receive 20 percent off their initial total purchase.
  •  Delicious muffin and coffee samples will be served to everyone in line before the doors open. 
  •  Every 15th shopper will receive a coupon book featuring Sprouts savings at checkout. 
  •  Every customer will receive one free reusable bag with purchase. 
Plus there are a ton more deals happening over that weekend!

Here is the deal, I am all about the savings so before I checkout... I am always like "is there a coupon for that?" So, the Sprouts app is a must for me! It has tons of coupons and when your ready to check out you can just scan your custom barcode in the app.

Another way you can save is with Double Ad Wednesday's.  Because the weekly ad prices run from Wednesday to Wednesday, you can save EVEN MORE ON WEDNESDAY! Two ads on one day means double the deals! 

We received a delish box of yummy goodies from Sprouts this week and in our box we got to try quite a few organic products like organic fusilli pasta and basil pesto = yum! That's the awesome part about Sprouts Brand they offer a wide selection of natural and organic products, as well as gluten-free, vegan and non-GMO varieties.

Also in our box: I live for avocado oil like I would probably bathe in it if I could hahah! So the non stick cooking spray is an essential for my everyday cooking! The balsamic fig butter is like AMAZING on toast and a drizzle of the Balsamic glaze on my caprese salad last week was NEXT LEVEL good! Oh and don't get me started on my addiction to the milk chocolate coated brown rice cakes!!! Like... I CANT STOP EATING THEM!

I am shocked that there are so many more ways to save when the prices are already so low for healthy foods! AND you might as well stop in and give some items a sample cause no matter what you try and buy.... Sprouts offers a 100% money-back guarantee. See you at the grand opening!!

Thank you to Sprouts Farmers Market for sponsoring this post!
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