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Tuesday, September 30, 2014


I absolutely can't wait for winter. The worst fashion tease in the world is when stores fill their windows with winter clothing when it's still boiling hot outside. Cause you want to buy EVERYTHING in anticipation of -- "I'll wear it when it gets colder." My motto: Buy now. Figure it out later. 

These Ann Taylor leather leggings are so unbelievably amazing. AND SLIMMING - One of the best features is they make your legs look sleek and skinny. I am such a fan! 

This Ann Taylor Georgette top can be used in so many ways (available in petite/regular/tall)... it was a little chilly this AM in Raleigh so it felt good to be in a long sleeve. I feel like everything in the mall is going DARK DARK DARK & LEATHER for fall. Which is fine... but also make it tough to pull out that pop of color unless you already have it in the closet.

I paired it with a turquoise clover necklace (SIMILAR HERE) and some gold accents (MICHAEL KORS RUNWAY WATCH and this awesome Ann Taylor cuff.
...oh and yes of course these stop you in your tracks ANN TAYLOR LEOPARD HEELS - that I cant stop wearing. Should I stop? LOL. I cant - seriously cant. But I do have a fab pair of Steve Madden's that went on SALE  on the way in the mail!! (Yes -- you want to click on it - cause they're awesome and you'll need them next spring I promise.

Sweet fashion happy dreams.

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