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Thursday, March 5, 2015


necklace: baublebar // boots: hunter //pants: blank nyc // sunglasses: c/o SpyOptics //Vest <old> Ralph Lauren  - similar here <more links below>// Michael Kors Bag HERE

Links to every piece of this look and other options on the images below:
Gloomy, gloomy days is really all we have seen in Raleigh lately. Minus one day <which was yesterday> that the weather decided it was going to be 70 degrees and sunny. This might be the most confusing place I have ever lived in when it comes to winter weather. As you can see above that's me running in the rain. LOL -- I was like "Um ya, I'm out." haha!

When we started shooting it was breezy but there was still a little sunlight and then boom like an unexpected, unwanted visitor DOWN came the rain and washed Alex out. So, I bolted. We got some extra photos under an awning but the rain definitely is ruining my photo taking life right now.

I have been mixing patterns more and just having fun with my wardrobe. I'm discovering that sometimes its those two items in your closet you think will NEVER go together that look fab once you put them on. This striped blouse of mine really brightened up with a red vest. Even in gloomy weather I try to pop some color whenever I can. AND can I get an AMEN for Hunter Boots!?!? They make all my rainy days better. I remember <before I owned Hunter Boots> just searching through my closet in a panic looking for something to wear in the rain. 

Best purchase ever. If you don't have a pair. Get one.

Hopefully, its not rainy and gross where you are but this Florida raised girl is ready for sandals and sun. How bout you? 

Speaking of sandals... I need to buy some! Any suggestions?!

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