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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Last Minute Superbowl Decorating Ideas

Superbowl Turf Table Cloth

Make a football field tablecloth out of artificial turf for your next football or tailgating party! This is a super easy and cheap craft that your guests will love. So where do you find artificial turf? Most hardware stores, like Lowes and Home Depot, sell it by the yard! All you need is a paint brush sponge and some tape so you can make the even lines. Then get a number stencil and make the football yard numbers at the bottom.
Yellow Flags

 Any party supermarket or target should have some yellow napkins - 
use these to look like flags on the field!

Mason Jar Footballs

Buy a whole set of mason jars at Target paint them brown and then use white out to line them like real footballs. SO QUICK AND SO EASY! They can dry outside tonight!

Use the extra turf or just buy a little extra to make tiered levels on your table. Take a shoe box and cut the turf to cover it and you then will have tiered levels as shown below. Then you can put your chips and dip and display all your appetizers really beautifully!

Dress up the table by adding the teams playing each other by printing out their logos online and then putting them in a picture frame! Literally takes 5 minutes!

These water bottles above are my favorite! Take the regular labels off of them and use this referee label instead. Once you have the labels printed wrap them around the bottles <use tape to wrap them> and run out to a party store and get some whistles for like .40 cents each! Put the whistles around the neck of the water bottles and your done! So fun and so easy. 

Hope this helps you add some extra fun to your Superbowl Party! AND GO PANTHERS!
<I live in North Carolina now so you know I gotta root for the home team!
Special thanks to the most fab interior decorator HowardEason.com for his decorating tips and ideas.

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