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Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall Trend || Blanket Scarf BACK IN STOCK

Blanket scarves are about to be SOLD OUT! I literally jumped up and down when I walked outside and felt the FALL AIR! It might be a tad to warm in Raleigh for a scarf but I don't care. I just unpacked all my blanket scarves from the closet cause I am READY! 

One thing is for sure all the best blanket scarves sell out super fast so I linked the ones that are currently back in stock below. I promise owning a blanket scarf is super addictive. Once you have one -- you want them all and in every color. 
I spent this morning sipping coffee and cuddled up in my fav blue scarf. It could be because I am a Florida born beach girl but when that cold air starts coming in I get so excited!

After I made this post I found pretty much all of them for $14.99 HERE!!! SAY WHATTT!!

I also linked a bunch more below
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