A Little Obsession: Christmas Tree Farm - Part 2 (Fiancé Cameo)


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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Christmas Tree Farm - Part 2 (Fiancé Cameo)

So every once in awhile there is a handsome man I convince to let me take pictures of him in his stylish outfits. <HAHA!> That man is Nate - my future husband - who also happens to be turning 31 on Sunday! Happy Birthday Nate!

I am pretty sure after hour 2 at Yeager tree farm he was ready to throw the towel in, but he was a good sport! When we found our 10 foot tall tree it was like that moment in the movies when you walk across a desert to find water... and then we found it!
<Please excuse my lack of photography skills > lol

Shop His Look:

 The many stages of Nate: From having fun let's cut down a tree.....

To that moment when Nate realizes we could be at this Tree Farm for a very long time below... 
<LOL I just couldn't pick one it was so hard to choose!>

The Yeager Tree Farm also has a really cute gift shop inside with jars of yummy delish jam, desserts, and decor. The free cookies are my fave part!!

I finally have our 10 foot tree up and mostly decorated -- I will probably post some photos of it up in the house soon. It is a work in progress for sure. Big thanks to Nate for letting me make him a fashion blogger for a day. See my outfit and Christmas Tree Farm part 1 HERE!!

Are you all done with your Christmas decor? I feel so behind this year!
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