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Monday, March 12, 2018

GIVEAWAY: Stop The Drop - The Phone Case YOU NEED

Let's see how many times have you dropped your cell phone in your life? Don't answer that. I already know the answer-- because if you are anything like me  -- odds are you've dropped your phone TOO MANY TIMES TO COUNT. In my world that also means: a cracked screen, a phone saturated in toilet water (yes, I dropped my phone in a toilet once #FACT) it can just be the world's worst day ever when you hear the phone hit the floor. Then you look down at the phone praying it isnt broken into a million pieces. Let's just take a look at my former iphone that I recently traded in for my new Iphone X ....I give you below: EXHIBIT A// yup. dropped it. cracked it. million pieces. I rest my case.

So let's #stopthedrop shall we?! I went on the hunt for a new phone case that was going to help me do that and randomly discovered Loopy Cases. I know many of you automatically assume.... this must be sponsored but it's not. Full disclosure: I reached out to the company myself and they did send me one to try out for use BUT I will tell you that I would buy this phone case 4 times over!

First the loopy case holder that pops out the back is malleable so it will lay down flat in your pocket. The case is smooth and feels nice to the touch and it actually keeps me from dropping it. I was carrying groceries home yesterday while holding my iphone in my hands and for the first time in my whole life I didn't have a care in the world because I knew I wasn't going to drop my phone. 

The cases also come in a ton of colors and BONUS - I am doing a giveaway tonight on my instagram!

One lucky winner will get their own loopy case of choice.
1.  Just follow me @alexbutlertv 
2.  Follow @loopycases on Instagram

And if you can't wait or even if you don't win here is a discount code for you to use for 10% off!!

Hope this helps those of you who truly need a case to protect your phone but also one to help you keep from dropping it.