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Monday, December 8, 2014


These little game changers complete me. Literally. 

Without them I have no clue how I would make my look come together everyday. 
I am often asked what makeup I wear for TV so here are my must-haves. 

 << As in I go into a full on panic attack
when I am low and I probably keep an extra on back up in case I run out>>
YES, its that serious!

I am always looking for little makeup secrets, so if you have some... please do tell.

Lets start at the top of the head. 

1. Dry Remedy -- < NOW the first item is not for makeup <so ya, I lied a little> but whenever I look at my face the fly-aways on the top of my head are the first things I see and this baby is EVERYTHING. If you ever have dry hair and just need a little umph - boom I give you AVEDA DRY REMEDY = game changer. >

 Instant Moisture. Literally.

2. Mac Fast Response < Under eye puff is the bane of my existence and this baby will get rid of it FAST. >
3. Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick < I use this for all contouring>
4. They're Real Mascara < Best replacement for fake eyelashes>
5. Mac Prep n Prime < For highlighting when you contour>
6. Make Up Forever < Matte look of foundation - great for HD>
< It's the perfect dense brush for foundation and doesn't soak up all the product>
8. Stila Liner < Literally NO SMUDGE EVER. You can get the perfect cat-eye with this baby. If you haven't discovered this little eyeliner princess -- you need her in your life.>
9. Beauty Blender <She makes everything smooth - especially in the hard to reach spots around the eyes. My co-host uses the beauty blender to apply her foundation, but I use it to blend the highlighter in when I contour. I prefer the colorless/odorless one just because I hear the pink one can bleed color and I don't know about you BUT I AM NOT about that.

One of my other little faves: Prague Matte Lipstick by NYX

AND the biggest game changer of all a BAD ASS organizer -- without this beauty I'd be nothing. 
<or at least... my makeup would be such a mess without it>

What are your must-haves? I always feel like I'm discovering new makeup items I never knew existed -- so feel free to share the makeup wealth if you have a best kept secret.

Happy Makeup Monday ;)

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