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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Wear Pumps, Bring Flats


I don't know about you but whenever I go out in heels I always have a back up pair of flats waiting for me in the car. Heels are fab but we all know they have an expiration time for "beauty is pain." So when times up I slip into a pair of flats. Nate and I ventured out to eat this weekend at my fav "The Flying Biscuit" <= YUM> and then did some sightseeing in Cameron Village. I just love the shops down there because they are so fun and eclectic but when my feet are "heeled out" - I slip into my backups so I thought I would photo capture the truth of that moment.--Haha!

I am so in love with the color of this top. Sometimes you just find a color you can't live without and THIS IS THAT COLOR FOR ME. I suppose you could call it an orangey-red/red-orange... whatever it is >>> I love it. When I see this color hanging on the rack I grab it and sometimes I don't even try it on because that's how sold I am on it. I found this long sleeve doll at Old Navy and unfortunately its also SOLD OUT but I did list some comparable tops below and HERE.

I accessorized with a few layers: my Courtney Bib necklace and my fav monogram necklace , <both from Baublebar> and the "&" necklace I am wearing is by Clovers & Pearls. The leather cuff bracelet also sold out > but similar here HERE
 My heels are Ann Taylor <SOLD OUT> All available links below:

Oh, and this is the handsome guy who takes my photos -- sometimes we get silly.
Haha. Happy Shopping and jumping in the air!

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