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Monday, February 2, 2015

V Is For Varsity

Disclaimer: On Sundays I roll out of bed >> go to my eyebrow wax appointment and if your lucky I brush my hair. This was one of those days where brushing my hair was not on the priority list. LOL
God bless the fashion blogger who can make her hair perfect on Sunday morning. Don't judge.

I love this Varsity Sweater SOOO MUCH that I had to grab some books and channel my inner student. Totally wish I had this outfit when I was in college cause I would have been stylin' - LOL.

Wear it with an oxford underneath if you want >> or go for a more sexy look without it. I will advise it is a LOW dip, but it has sort of a smart sex appeal that makes this my GO TO sweater of the moment. I also think you could rock it with a pair of shorts. 

Please don't get me started on my obsession with these striped flats BECAUSE they are everything. Old Navy has really stepped up their fashion game and you can still find these babies online because they are brand spanking new. The "&" necklace I am wearing is by Clovers & Pearls and its my go to for layering dainty necklaces.

My jeans: The Second Skin Slim Illusion Skinny In Washed Dark • 7 For All Mankind
= love them in any style// The Oxford: Women's Oxford Shirts • Old Navy//
Sunglasses: c/o Spy Optic


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Happy Shopping! XO

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