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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Maxi Duster Camel Coat


monogram necklace | turtleneck | gold flats <target sold out> similar HERE and HERE
 <lipstick: mix of this and this >

Ever just have one of those nights where you cant sleep and then you wake up and feel LIKE YOU ARE GOING TO PASS OUT. Um, ya that was today for me. I usually wake up and update the blog in the morning but I was late to work and literally had no time. So I posted this in a hurry but wanted to get this look up because all these camel coats seem to be selling out SO FAST. I linked the few I could find below and the rest of the look. Just click on the pic and it will take you to the item or click the links above. Here is to hoping you make it to work on time today!


  1. Love that oversized clutch! Aren't you so glad it has finally dropped to winter temps so you can wear your outerwear? I've missed my warm jackets until the last week or so.

    1. Thanks Claire!! And yes!! I am soooo happy its finally COLD!! <3