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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

10 Valentine's Day Gifts For Him Under $50

My mom says there is an old myth: "Never buy a man shoes or he will walk out of your life."
So I never buy my man shoes! LIFE, LOVE, LESSONS from mama <haha, so silly> But maybe its true? This year Nate is taking me out to dinner on the Saturday before V-day since it falls on a Wednesday. He won't tell me where we are going though which is pretty exciting because I love surprises!

 I still truly think Valentine's Day is overrated, because we should show our love 365 days a year. but I digress we must conform to the shopping directions of society LOL.
Plus it's fun and I love chocolate!

I have bought Nate several of the items I listed and I know what it's like to be on the last minute "what do I get him?" train. So here are some faves I picked out all under $50 on AMAZON and available with Amazon Prime (Because honestly - what was life before AMAZON PRIME ??!?!) -- Hope it helps! Sorry for all the beer stuff but I tried to ask some guy friends for input and this is what they loved!

1.Shower Speaker (For those singing in the shower guys)

3.Mophe Wireless charging pad (for the guy who always needs his phone charged)

4.Travel Duffel Express Weekender Bag (has a really cool shoe pouch)

6. Beer Cap Map (this is fun if he travels or just loves beer)

10. Amazon Echo Dot (we could all use Alexa!)

11 EXTRA: OH and I also found this cool Whiskey Decanter if you have a guy in your life that loves Whiskey. This one is a little more at $59 but truly it's awesome!


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