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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine's Day: 5 Things I've learned about Love

Nate and I started dating in November 2012 - I interviewed him on my TV show on FOX in Florida, gave him my number  (Yes, so BOLD LOL) and well the rest is history. Actually-- it's a long story how it all came together but let's just say once we met we were hooked on each other and truly never stopped hanging out. I felt like I had known him my whole life after one week -- so I am a true believer in soul mates and fate. 

I definitely don't have the handbook to love but I have figured a few things out:

1. Be each others cheerleaders -- Anything I dream for Nate encourages me to do! I tell him everyday that he can do anything and I will support him. I think this is the best part of being a team. We are always lifting each other up to pursue and do the things we love. I think it is so important to have a partner who builds you up and doesn't bring you down.

2. Make Time For Each Other// Date night is my fave! Nate and I have a regular date night that we schedule for every Friday night. We decided we would try to always do this so that we never stop dating. It keeps the spark alive and truly keeps your relationship blossoming!

It is amazing how you can look at a person and love them so much and think MAN he is hot! AND then 5 minutes later you are like um, yah --you make me insane! HAHA. I truly believe this is what makes you best friends. If you were the same people it wouldn't work. SO just know that the YOU DRIVE ME CRAZY - is so necessary! It is our differences that make us perfect for each other.

Now for the mind reading: I always used to assume Nate knew what I wanted when we first started dating. I would say "OMGH, he knows... he should know... I am not going to tell him because..." I have realized if you want something you NEED to tell him! haha NEVER ASSUME they already know or should know.. cause they don't.

4. Do things together!
I love fashion/social media & Nate loves reading REDDIT.
Sometimes we would each rather do what we love to do, but making an effort to do what the other person wants to do is soooooo huge! I am so stubborn so I will be the first to say I was not always like that. I used to always say "Nate - do what I want to do!" <total baby>  Over time I have learned that if you just do a little but of what your partner wants to do it makes for happy days! <3 If he wants to go to a football game and you would rather see a ballet show... make sure you make your way to a football game once in awhile and he should try out the ballet! You get what I mean!

5. Get Over it & Never ever go to sleep mad.
Grudges should never be held on to. This was one of my biggest faults. I used to let things bother me so much that I couldn't just let them go. Choose your battles!! I have realized that the best arguments are those ones where you say why you're mad, acknowledge it, and let it go. <I am still working on this one.>

Really ask yourself does this thing I am mad about... REALLY matter? Will it matter that he didn't pick up his towels off the floor in ten years? haha NO. So let it go.

Yah know that old saying "Happy Wife - Happy Life" ... I don't believe in it. I think you both need to be happy. Sometimes that means admitting YOU are wrong... (SO TOUGH TO DO!! ha) But it truly makes for the best future. Sometimes ya just gotta say "Sorry, I love you. I was wrong." Kiss and makeup. <3

What are your life love lessons? I would love to know.
Happy Valentines day dolls!

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