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Monday, February 26, 2018

Ruffles & Stripes

First things First - 
That asymmetrical top from my first pic that is off the shoulder is truly a DREAMMM = $49. So cute and trendy. Ruffles, off the shoulder and stripes all in one = a win! Shop it HERE.

In other news it has been truly doom and gloom around here the last few weeks. Dark skies, overcast, cold. Just. awful. Finally, we got a peak of sun today and I rushed outside to enjoy it only to be quickly met by rainy overcast skies again! To say that I am ready for spring is an UNDERSTATEMENT. HAHA! It's funny how much I love winter when it starts but I am ready for it to go towards the end.

I have been doing a lot of spring shopping and stripes are truly my jam right now. I honestly can't get enough of them! I remember when I was in high school I despised them - like I refused to buy them ever because I was convinced they were not flattering. I was totes wrong! But also I am so glad that our fashion tastes change because my appreciation for stripes is ANOTHER LEVEL.

P.S. Has it been raining a lot where you are?

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