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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Explore Asheville

Have you been to Asheville??

Last week, I took a trip with the "My Carolina Today" team to explore Asheville, North Carolina.

It was a work trip for some feature segments were doing on the city and my gosh is it GORGEOUS. 

If you've never been - it's so worth the trip. 
Mountains, beautiful trees, historic buildings...the list goes on.

We got there right at the start of "fall color change... "
<at least that's what I call it - you know when the trees start turning pretty colors>

Being a Florida girl - I have really never seen anything like this. I grew up around palm trees so my version of winter was adding fake icicles to buildings - haha! So, I'm seeing FALL in FULL EFFECT like never before. 

Maybe its silly but I LOVE IT.

For the first part of our shoot - we visited the River Arts District and watched live demonstrations by several artists -- painting, sculpting, blowing glass. It's such an artistic & creative city. So glad I left my credit card in the car or I would have been buying stuff left and right.

Every street was literally breathtaking.
So much history.

THEN AN AMAZING STOP @ Asheville TreeTops Adventure Park AKA Zip Lining!
Now I'm not gonna lie - I was genuinely terrified at first but it turned out all ok. More pictures and video to come at a later post. <thats me and my co host Valonda>


For dinner - we ate at an amazing local spot called HomeGrown - AND WOW.

The food was IN-CRED-IBLE. So good. Their motto "Slow food - right quick"
I ordered Buttermilk chicken, an arugula salad, and a side of mac n cheese.

It was so good I forgot to take a pic of the whole meal but the MACnCheese was redonkulous.
<as in AMAZing> Quite possibly the best mac n cheese I've ever had in my life - EVER.

               Tried to get a quick selfie in with the trees but the sun was shining SO BRIGHT!! LOL

Then we went on a Wellness Tour...
It started with spending some time meditating in a Salt Cave. Now that was cool.
It was really a very different experience and its crazy how the salt can literally calm you.  The minute I walked into the room I felt so relaxed. It was as if a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

I really can't completely explain it in words but it was a very soothing feeling. I was sore from Zip lining earlier so I put some of the salt crystals on my muscles and it honestly felt better after. Who knew? Have you ever been to a salt cave?

I finished up my tour of Asheville with a foot soak like none other at Wake Foot Sanctuary. It was pretty phenomenal. My foot soak included: <Green tea, lemongrass, & avocado oil -all together for an energizing yet nourishing soak. > Breathe deep – :) It was a warm and relaxing 45 minute experience.

While you soak they wrap a hot towel around your neck and serve you hot tea. It felt very royal - ha! If that's what royalty feels like.. sign me up FOR LIFE.


I was sad to leave the pretty city but it was a quick work trip to show people in Raleigh the beauty of Asheville. We are putting together a segment on all the amazing fun you can get into by visiting Asheville -- its set to air later this month on NBC.

It's a four hour drive away from Raleigh but I discovered a beautiful place in the mountains I plan to return to soon. XOXO

Happy Sunday,

PS. #Explore 


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