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Tuesday, January 30, 2018

10 Pairs of Shoes from Target you need now

Okay what the what?!?! Target is picking up their shoe game in a big way. I literally walked into Target yesterday and could not believe the deals and steals. So many designer looks for less.

So here are my faves: 1. JUST BOUGHT THESE// Ok so once upon a time Vince Camuto came out with these $149 beauties and um, yah well lets just say Target is charging a lot less for basically the EXACT same look! Shop them HERE

2. $32 Cork Mules - Need I say more!?

3. Need some GUCCI in your life!?!? Me too. But can we not pay like a 1,000 bucks for loafers -- lets get these for $22 instead:

4. Leopard leopard and more leopard please! I bought these $24 leopard espadrilles and was so excited because they are actually MEGA COMFY! #winning

7. Scrunch booties that look very similar to the Kristin Cavallari ones.

8. Sneakers with stars -- well there is a brand called Golden Goose that sells sneakers with stars for like over $500... and YSL sold these last season for like $500 --- so for those of us that want a similar look without the price tag these are super cute!

9. BUT WAIT these sneakers are so cute too!
They come in canvas and stripes!!!

10. These loafers are selling out pretty quick they are collapsible so they can fit like mules and MEGA COMFY  -- they also come in black and baby pink!

LOVE THEM ALL. This is just one of the many reasons why I can't get out of Target in a reasonable amount of time! LOL
Happy shopping dolls. xo

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