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Tuesday, January 16, 2018

5 Fab Puffer Coats Under $50



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Just checked with SIRI and were expecting snow at midnight tonight! Yeh!
 I'm actually so excited because the snow is my favorite part of winter. If we have to be cold lets at least have something pretty to look at..right??! Some people hate the snow but I just LOVE it. I've been stocking up on coats cause the winter sales have started and puffer coats are my new faves! I have seen a ton of celebrities rocking the puffer coat trend and just being honest with you girls ... I did not think I could pull it off. AT ALL....
Celebs exhibit A:
Kendall Jenner

When I first saw puffer coats I just thought I would like a giant marshmallow BUT once I tried them on I was obsessed! You can balance out the weight of volume on top with something more basic and slim-fitting on the bottom like skinny jeans. I have never owned a red coat before and I love this bright pop of color and it's only $39!! BUT just in case red isn't your thing, I also linked a bunch of other fab puffer coats -- most under $50 below and a few at other price points.  

The best part of all is that these puffer coats will keep you SUPER TOASTY in the cold weather.

In other news: I am currently on season 5 of The Walking Dead and guys I can't stop watching it... this show has me at the edge of my seat. Anyone else a big Walking Dead fan? I had no idea about the hype until I finally sat down and watched and now I have a major crazy binge watching problem. HAHA. PS. If you are looking for a new show to watch on Netflix I put a list of my faves HERE.
Stay warm dolls, xo

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