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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Food Lion Frugal Cook Off

There's only a few things I will clear my schedule for and they all start with the letter F: 
Family, Fashion & Food.

Tonight I was asked to judge the Food Lion Frugal Cook Off it was such a blast of fun and I got to meet some fabulous fellow bloggers. Carolina Mama Blogger Malise Terrell & Little Steps, Big Picture Blogger Kristie Funchess won the competition!  CONGRATS!

           They had to make a $15 meal in 45 minutes and lets just say they killed it with a
Turkey Burger Surprise / Squash Parm French Fries AND an an apple with onions sauteed plate that was TOO DIE FOR. 

All the meals were delicious but this one had the other judges and I just literally over the moon. It was yum yum in the tum tum. Everyone went home with a gift card for themselves and a gift card for their bloggers.

All the bloggers were so fun to meet!! The winner -- Malise is quite frankly the sweetest woman I have ever met in my life and WOW can she cook! Check her out here: carolinamamablog.com ]-- I hope we all get to keep in touch!! 


The best part about blogging is all the fun people you meet! 
Congrats to everyone who participated. Woot Woot!
AND of course a big thanks to Food Lion for letting me be a judge.

Also if anyone has any amazing recipes feel free to send them my way!! I'm on the hunt for new dinner ideas ALL the time!


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