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Friday, October 24, 2014

Sweater Dresses Are All The Rage

Hello. Lovers.
Is it just me or has this felt like the longest week EVER!?!? Um ya. TGIF ...almost ;)

Just when I was feeling my most exhausted... I decided to do a little shopping <ya that makes sense> and I realized everywhere I turn its sweater dresses galore. I suppose it all makes sense with fall in full effect and winter weather slowly creeping in.

So I've been wearing quite a few of these sweater dresses on the show... I added a cute bow belt to mine and dressed it up with some sweet pink NYX lipstick/dainty diamond earrings and a bling bracelet <oh and my fav pink jess simpson pumps>.

The Limited Black Cowl Neck Sweater > Avail Here in Red and Black
Bow Buckle Belt: HERE
Jessica Simpson Pink Pumps: SIMILAR HERE

Gem Stretch Bracelet: HERE and ON SALE ;) yeh!
Tear Drop faux diamond earrings: HERE

     Sweet Pink NYX lipstick: HERE

Have you seen any fab sweater dresses lately>?

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