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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Patterns Rockin Everywhere

Dress: Cache // Shoes: Michael Kors  <SOLD OUT>
other suede pumps and floral looks I love:

        Tunic sold out - other looks I love: herehere and here
& tons of options at Free People // nude heels: Steve Madden

I feel like everything in the stores right now is pattern happy.
I wore these three patterned up dresses on the show this week. I truly used to be so against patterns <I just never thought they were flattering but now I have a love for them.

Speaking of patterns...
Nate and I had a pattern of not going out and living on Netflix and ice cream haha! BUT we have finally decided to start venturing out at night in Raleigh! We recently ate at The Pit in Raleigh.... its a super popular BBQ spot and I learned the eastern/western BBQ lingo. The main difference in eastern and western is the sauce = the west is more of a thicker, sweeter sauce. In eastern North Carolina it’s a mayonnaise-based slaw and in western North Carolina it’s a ketchup-based red slaw. 
Who knew BBQ could be so complex haha?! 

So the moral of the story is were going out more. Changing up the patterns of life and the patterns in my outfit. How do you feel about Patterns & the ever popular tunic??

Happy Shopping!

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